Free mover clinical clerkships

Students interested in spending a period of clinical practice abroad can enroll as Free Movers (Fee-paying Visiting Students, or Independent Students, or Contract Students) at selected foreign University Hospitals, where they can attend part of the clinical clerkhips planned in their Medical curriculum. Those clinical activities that are specifically considered for providing the Qualificating Degree cannot be included in the Free Mover program.

The Free Mover Clinical Clerkship program is an optional part of the training program and, as such, it must be accounted for. Students not willing to participate in it can attend all clinical rotations at the University of Milan. The Clerkship abroad represents a mutual contract between Supervisors and Students, and it is subject to supervision by the IMS Faculty.


Aims of the Free Mover Clinical Clerkship program will be:

  • to provide students with an international experience in their working field during the last three years of their medical course, with an international vision on medical, paramedical, and medico-social aspects;
  • to extend and consolidate their knowledge in areas of interest and/or weakness;
  • to provide students with the opportunity to explore specific aspects of specific topics in depth in a different international environment;
  • to encourage students thinking about their future, and to provide them with the opportunity for contacts and networking in possible future vocational areas;
  • to allow some students to complete their training from a different perspective, by studying topics not directly related to their own future vocation;
  • to encourage students' sense of initiative and responsibility.

The Free Mover Clinical Clerkship program is available to the students of the International Medical School (IMS), during the first or second semester of the 4th, 5th, or 6th year, respecting the mandatory attendance at lectures. Therefore, the Free Mover period cannot take place when mandatory didactic activities are planned.

The duration of the Free Mover period depends on the ECTS (CFU) of the subject of interest:

  • for students enrolled in the academic year 2014-2015: 1 ECTS = 15 hours
  • for students enrolled after 2015: 1 ECTS = 25 hours.

A maximum of 8 working hours per day are considered for the Free Mover program.


University of Milan has singled out a list of University Hospitals, recognized as centers of excellence for education relative to each Country, among which the students can choose their destination. Students attending clinical rotations in Hospitals other than those included in the list will not have the corresponding ECTS recognized.

The list of foreign University Hospitals reported below is to be considered as the only valid list in terms of possibility of recognition of the tuition received by Free Mover students at foreign institutions. Students have to agree their destination with the Coordinator of the course whose clerkship they are willing to attend abroad.

International students and students with dual citizenship cannot apply for University Hospitals in the Countries they are citizens of. Particular requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Application requirements

In order to apply to the Free Mover Program, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • being enrolled in the 4th, 5th, or 6th academic year
  • having passed successfully at least one of the following exams: Bed side approach and clinical methodology, System diseases 1, or System diseases 2.

Moreover, each hosting School may have further specific requirements which have to be fulfilled by the applicant.

How to apply

Unlike students selected for the Erasmus+ Program, students applying to the Free Mover program will have to contact directly the hosting University Hospital to request programs, deadlines, fees, and all the information they need in order to finalize the enrollment procedures. They will have to apply for the selected period.

Students will have to fund all their travel, board and accommodation expenses during their period abroad, and any extra fee due abroad. Students are advised to take out health insurance coverage for the period spent abroad, or as requested by the hosting institution.


In order to apply to the Free Mover program, students will have to:

  • contact the hosting University Hospital and obtain a signed Single Internship Agreement • fill the Written Consensus of the Chair of IMS Academic Board (Prof. Cerri) (Lettera Tutor)
  • fill the Free Mover Program Application Form • send all the above documents to the IMS International Mobility Help Desk for approval (
  • complete the procedure through the COSP (Centro per l'Orientamento allo Studio e alle Professioni), by submitting the documents approved by the IMS International Mobility Help Desk. In order to validate and perform the Free Mover program abroad, students should follow this procedure no later than 30 days before the start date of activities.

As the period is influenced by the availability of the hosting institution to accept foreign students, it is suggested that students plan their period abroad well in advance.

The free mover evaluation report

Upon return to Milan, students will have to provide the Free Mover Evaluation Report completed in ALL its parts, with clear and readable stamp and signature of the hosting institution.

Forms in which any of their part is missing will not be considered as valid, and the student will not be granted any corresponding ECTS. In such case, the clinical rotations will have to be attended at the University of Milan.

The Reports are a formal account of the student's experience. They are the basis on which the student's performance during the period is judged. Failure to provide a satisfactory report will result in non-recognition of the clinical clerkship attended abroad.

Students must submit a copy of their evaluation report to the Secretary of IMS ( and to the IMS International Mobility Help Desk ( This report must be turned in no later than 14 days after the end of the Free Mover period.