Italian language for foreigners tests and courses

In order to be admitted to attend their third year, international students enrolled in the International Medical School (IMS) single-cycle master's degree course must prove their Italian language proficiency at the B2 level or higher. Such level is verified by sitting a placement test administered by the SLAM Centre at the start of their first year of study. The following are exempt from sitting the test:

  • students of Italian nationality who earned their bachelor's degree abroad;
  • students holding an Italian upper-secondary school diploma (including that issued by Italian schools located abroad at the end of a 4/5-year study cycle)
  • students who earned their degree abroad having attended a course mainly taught in Italian;
  • students holding a language certificate at the B2 level or higher, submitted during the admission procedure.

Those students who will not prove the B2 level at the least will have to attend Italian language courses to reach such level by passing the relevant end-of-course test. The Italian language courses dedicated to International Medical School students are held in person at the LITA laboratory and have an overall duration of 80 hours throughout the whole year. Three courses are held each year, corresponding to the A1/A2, B1 and B2 levels.

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