Educational activities, first semester 2020/21 planning


This page provides a preliminary overview of how to attend lessons, participate in exercises, workshops, and other types of educational activities for your study programme.

Updates and detailed information will be available in the class timetable portal, on individual course pages and in the notices.

  • Beginning of the semester:
    - 1st year 19th October 2020,
    - 2nd year 29th September 2020
    - 3rd year 29th September 2020
    - 4th year 22nd September 2020
    - 5th year 21st September 2020
    - 6th year 22nd September 2020
    The program contents of the first semester will be delivered in Synchronous and Asynchronous modality. All synchronous classes will be delivered online (platform indicated in the planning), according to the planning and learning materials will be made available to students on Ariel or on dedicated repositories. The learning activities for the clinical years (3rd-6th) will be organized as follows: first part of the semester will be dedicated to formal teaching and the second part to the clerkships;
  • Planings: will be avilable by 11th september 2020;
  • Formal lectures: first day of the semester professors will introduce the courses in presence. These meetings will be organized in classrooms available for all students and transmitted in streaming in order to allow students prevented to be in Milan or to access the classroom;
  • Lectures in presence: students will find on the planning which formal lectures will be held by professors in presence and the dedicated room. Students willing to follow the lecture in presence should book their sit with the UNIMI app (EasyLesson), while all the other students will follow the lecture in streaming;
  • Clerkships/laboratory activities: Clerkships planned for the 1st semester 2020-21 will be regularly carried out according to the schedule. Should the pandemic worsen, the program will change accordingly, and, depending on the actual condition, a different modality will assure these activities to be performed by students.
    Laboratory activities will be organized according to the availability of facilities in compliance with safety rules. Teachers will use all the IT tools to provide this teaching also remotely. Details will be available at the beginning of the semester.
  • 1st years ims: Classes will be exclusively online until the end of november 2020. From december 2020 on the 1st year planning classed held in attendance by booking will be reported. A dedicated welcome meeting for freshmen will be organized in attendance when the cohort of 1st year students is complete. Until then, all the necessary information and learning material will be made available via email and on Ariel.